Grim North palette


Together with Anna Jane Searle I have created the Grim North palette.

This set contains the following colors: Border View, Moorland, The North Sea, Bloodshed, Grim Grey, and The Wall.


Together with Anna Jane Searle I have created the Grim North palette.
Anna Jane Searle is an illustrator from the Grim North of England. She loves painting ghosts in mysterious situations and landscapes.

“The Grim North of England, a place known for its truly miserable weather, rough seas and dark past. The North East is where I was born and still live. For years the landscape has inspired artists and I wanted to curate a palette that represents my home. Though the North can be grim it is also a very beautiful part of the world.”
– Anna

This set contains the following colors:

  • Border View – It is the colour of the ever changing spruce forests around Carter Bar, which is the view point between England and Scotland.
    Genuine Indigo and Phthalo green
  • Moorland – To represent the carpet of heather that covers the Moors.
    Snaefellsjokull Red and Ultramarine blue
  • The North Sea – It is beautiful yet dramatic, cold and sometimes unforgiving.
    Ultramarine blue, Forest green, Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber
  • Bloodshed – For the blood that has spilled on the land from centuries past.
    English Red deep
  • Grim Grey – Often the sky is covered in a foreboding, thick blanket of grey that does not leave for days.
    Ultramarine Ash
  • The Wall – Hadrian’s Wall, the North-West frontier of the Roman Empire, stretching right across the North of England. It was a place of trade and war.
    Burnt Umber and Genuine Indigo


Pigment information

The colors in this set contains these pigments:

– Genuine Indigo // Natural Blue 1 (A natural colorant extracted from the leaves of the indigo plant)
– Phthalo green // PG 7
– Snaefellsjokull Red // (dark, reddish brown-violett earthcolour from Iceland)
– Ultramarine blue // PB29
– Forest green // PG 74 / PW 18
– Burnt Sienna // PR102
– Burnt Umber // PB7
– English Red Deep // PR 101.77491
– Ultramarine Ash // By-product of Lapis Lazuli

Border View, Moorland, The North Sea and The Wall are mixed pigment colours. In wet(ter) washes some of these colours might separate
Bloodshed and Grim Grey (ultramarine Ash) are single pigment coloirs.

Mixed together the colours in this palette can create some moody new colours.

Please note
The colours made with Indigo are made with genuine indigo. Genuine indigo has a strong distinct smell (all genuine indigo does). These colours are Border View and the Wall.

It is completely normal for some of the handmade paints to be a bit sticky. Because all of our watercolors only contain pure ingrediƫnts, they can be a bit fickle.
And although they might be a bit sticky, they still work like a charm!

– Peel off the paper gently
– If the paper is picking up some of the paint from the pan, use a (pallet) knife or toothpick to pick up te paint and put the paint back in the pan.


Keep in mind that colors may appear differently on different screens.

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