My name is Simone.
I am a watercolorist, paint maker and mom of Elin.
I love the earth and all her inhabitants and I’m always trying my best to take care of our planet.

A few years ago I realised that a lot of my art supplies were not exactly cruelty-free. I started to investigate my art supplies, but found out it is not really easy to find out what was in my watercolors.
So I decided to make my own watercolors, and pledged to only use cruelty-free brushes and paper from that day on.

My watercolors contain pigments that are not considered toxic nor are they animal-derived. Furthermore, there’s gum arabic, distilled water, a tiny bit of clove oil in my binder and corn syrup. That’s it.

Let’s make art cruelty-free!

Lots of love, Simone.

Hi! This is me with my little studio monkey that goes by the name Elin.

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